Aseo Trio

The Aseo Trio is a modern jazz ensemble which was originally formed in Vienna in 2013. The original band members were Aseo Friesacher (piano), Paola Gracia Sobreira (bass) and Stefan Kemminger (drums). In 2014 the Aseo Trio was awarded with a 1st prize at the Podium.Jazz Competition in Austria. Their repertoire consists of the classic jazz standards, popular latin and pop songs as well as originals. The music will keep your attention with energetic solos, groovy rhythms and beautiful melodies. In March 2018 Aseo formed his trio anew with Dean Montanaro (bass) and Manu Pinzon (drums). The band is now based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.



The “Kaiju Trio” is a Japanese inspired Jazz Project, consisting of the flautist Sesily Cheng, the percussionist Bintang Manira and pianist and bandleader Aseo Friesacher. The term Kaiju refers to creatures from ancient Japanese mythologies. Their music is a unique combination of traditional east asian music and innovative jazz. The focus of this band lies on reinterpretation of music from east asian countries such as Japan, China, and Indonesia. And the “Kaiju Trio” manages to bring these old folk songs into a new modern context. In addition with their compositions, this Trio has found their very own musical direction.

Piano – Aseo Friesacher

Dizi, Xiao – Sesily Cheng

Percussion – Bintang Manira



NOHMISEO is a pianoduo based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
The Duo consists of the Korean jazz pianist Miran Noh (NOHMI Trio, NOHMI Quintet) and the Austrian jazz pianist Aseo Friesacher (Aseo Trio, Loek van den Berg Quintet).
The two pianists have a very different musical background but still manage to find a perfect balance between contemporary classical music and jazz fusion. Their compositions are colourful and full of dynamic. In addition, they make use of synthesizers and keyboards to enrich the music with an electronic sound. Itʼs a rare musical experience that you havenʼt heard before. The drummer Domen Cizej (Eargonauts) from Slovenia is often featured by the duo and brings a perfect addition to the music.

Miran Noh – Piano, Synthesizer
Asei Friesacher – E-Piano, Keys
Domen Cizej – Drums



Aseo is also a talented solo artist and multi-instrumentalist. He publishes his solo works under his artist name Aseyoo. Most of them are covers but there are also a few originals. Check out the Youtube Channel for more!


Loek van den Berg Quintet


The Loek van den Berg quintet takes you on a trip, and keeps you on the edge of your seats with their storytelling compositions, heartfelt improvisations and their fabulous control of their instrument.

Their music is something else, and won’t leave you indifferent! You can feel this during their live shows, where the passion and enthusiasm of the band will take you away.

Loek van den Berg – Saxophones
Nathan Surquin – Trombone
Aseo Friesacher – Piano
Dean Montanaro – Bass
Jens Meijer – Drums