NOHMISEO is a jazz piano duo based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
The Duo consists of the Korean jazz pianist Miran Noh (NOHMI Trio, NOHMI Quintet) and the Austrian jazz pianist Aseo Friesacher (Aseo Trio, Loek van den Berg Quintet).
The two pianists have a very different musical background but still manage to find a perfect balance between contemporary classical music and jazz fusion. Their compositions are colourful and full of dynamic. In addition, they make use of synthesizers and keyboards to enrich the music with an electronic sound. Itʼs a rare musical experience that you havenʼt heard before. The drummer Domen Cizej (Eargonauts) from Slovenia is sometimes featured by the duo and brings a perfect addition to the music.



Miran Noh – Piano, Synthesizer
Aseo Friesacher – E-Piano, Keys






“Silence” performed by NOHMISEO live@Dizzy, Rotterdam: